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Guiding you on your path to feel good, wholly.
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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Philip. I’m a dad, entrepreneur, amateur yogi, and mountain biker. I have a message and a calling to deliver it. I’ve gone down different paths to deliver it over the years, from starting a motivational speaking gig to being a full-time evangelical pastor with a few businesses along the way. The challenge is that I’ve never fully understood the message myself until the 4th quarter of 2020.

This message is one that I am using to completely transform my life and I believe will empower you to take your life where you want it to be.

This message and calling (my purpose) have been on me since I was 12. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to grasp it. But the need to express and live this calling has never weakened. 

My last business went bankrupt, my marriage of nearly 14 years ended in divorce and I had nothing more to show other than an overweight/unhealthy body and a case of on again, off again depression. I was divorced, bankrupt, depressed … oh, and often times, drunk. I had been using alcohol to cope with the inability to fully express whatever my purpose was and of course, cope with the pain of three big losses.

Thankfully through a series of “coincidences,” my soul and mind were opened enough to begin to understand. With multiple therapy appointments, meditation sessions, books and conversations it has been revealed to me. I know this sounds cheesy and like an infomercial, but it is legit – I believe everyone will benefit from this. In fact, I believe what I am delivering will be part of what ushers humanity into our next phase of evolution – the spiritual phase.

I mentioned above that I was “divorced, bankrupt, depressed and drunk.” Was! Now, delivered!


Feeling Good Feels Good


You will be shown how to access and live in your power.

I deliver timely, relevant talks that are less refined and more real. My objective is to help each person realize their power and step into it.

If you haven’t been living your life with an exclamation point, you will be after attending one of my talks.

Feeling Good Feels Good
This moment is all there is


Your path to feeling good has likely left you frustrated and confused. Our culture sends us in directions for the feelings we want only to quickly let us down.

The life of your dreams isn’t found with the next cocktail, a slice of pizza, vacation, or pay increase. There is only one path to take for you to feel good, wholly. I’ll guide you there.

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